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HARA Bulgaria – one of the leading asset resolution companies in Bulgaria.

Well diversified portfolios of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, light and heavy vehicles, business equipment, and industrial machinery are dispersed across the country. This places HARA as attractive address for both national and international investors.
Our team of highly qualified experts with years of experience in the regional market of real estate and movables is focussing on providing efficient and professional services.

HARA Bulgaria is member of the professional association “Austrian Business Circle”.

Austrian Business Circle

Vission and Mission


Our vision as an important part of one of the largest asset рesolution organizations in the region of Southeastern Europe is to be recognized as a game-changing innovator and an emerging leader in the аsset resolution area, with growing brand awareness and recognition in Bulgaria.


Our mission is to be a team that is capable of generating innovative business solutions, and which delivers optimum financial results within clearly defined business principles. We seek to get the leading asset resolution entity in Bulgaria, and to be an organization that is cooperating in the sustainable development of our economy.

We seek to achieve this through a dynamic performance culture that motivates our staff by setting clear objectives, giving feedback openly, learning from our mistakes, and rewarding success.


We defined five enduring core values guiding our actions as individuals at work and as an organization: INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, PASSION, EFFICIENCY, and a focus on RESULTS.

INTEGRITY – We act with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.
ACCOUNTABILITY – We are all accountable for our actions and results.
PASSION – We are passionate about our business, our brand, and our partners.
EFFICIENCY – We are committed to continuously improving efficiency.
RESULTS – We love success and achieving the best results.

Client support

For our current clients, HARA Bulgaria provides assistance and expertise. In particular, we offer the following services:

Review of the Amount and Composition of Debt: Our personnel remains at our clients’ disposal at all times and duly provides information to them regarding outstanding debts. Upon a client’s request, we can facilitate a written report about the amount of debt, as well as debt composition.

Procedure for Authorization of Encumbrance Termination: Following the repayment of debt, our personnel conducts all necessary verifications and prepares documents for the authorization of encumbrance termination. This subsequently enables clients to carry out encumbrance termination with the competent authorities.

Registration and Re-registration of Vehicles: In cases of financial leasing, our personnel will carry out all required verifications and prepare documents that enable our clients to extend registration or re-register their vehicle(s) in a timely manner with the competent authorities (in the case of fully paid and closed contracts).

Prepayment of Debt: Following a client’s request for an early termination of contract, our personnel will proceed with all necessary verifications and preparation of the documents that will enable a client to proceed with the early repayment and termination of contract, as well as release of collateral as soon as possible.

Out of Court Settlement: In order to avoid lengthy and costly court procedures, we offer our clients the possibility of debt repayment via out of court settlement.

Different Modalities for Repayment of Debt: We offer our clients the possibility of settlements and mutually agreed repayment of debt. Our personnel will do its utmost to assist our clients in the repayment of their debts in accordance with their abilities.

Free Advertising of Ready to Sale Property on our Website: A highly specialized and professional team is at our clients’ disposal free of charge that will, in cooperation with internet advertisers, create and post advertisements for respective property in line with the highest advertising standards.

Sale of Claims: We offer sale of claims to investors and to specialized agencies, either as individual receivables or as portfolios.


Contact us

Hara Bulgaria EOOD

Lisets 7., fl.3 • 1505 Sofia • Bulgaria
phone +359 (2) 8109999

fax +359 (2) 810 99 78


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